List of Prohibited Books

To butcher C. S. Lewis a little,

A young woman who wishes to remain a sound Protestant cannot be too careful of her reading.

Ok, so I butchered poor C.S. more than a little but the principle still stands: reading books is dangerous. 

The Catholic Church used to have a list of prohibited books, the Index Liborum Prohibitorum. The very idea of books being prohibited makes me ill. It goes against my belief in the value of free inquiry and my love of black ink on white paper.


It almost makes me want to reconsider the whole “Catholic” thing. (I said almost.) Until I remember that I became Catholic precisely because I started reading books I really “shouldn’t” have.

So, in the spirit of book-burning (or as we in the litterati put it, libricide. And yes, I am totally litterati), we must go on. Here are a few books, in no particular order, which I found very dangerous to my Protestantism.

9582-there-are-worse-crimes-than-burning-books-one-of-them-is-not_247x200_widthIn fact, you could say they made the whole thing went up in flames…


7 responses to “List of Prohibited Books

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    • Yeah, it’s not my favorite among them but it did make me think. And I’m pretty sure that’s part of the reason I didn’t like it. 😉

    • Hi Lily, the title is a bit facetious! Protestant Christianity is amazing because Protestants know and love Jesus. As a former Protestant, and now Catholic, however, I believe that as Christians, we are called not just to love Jesus but His visible Church. These books are the ones I read while I was Protestant and they helped me become Catholic. I truly do believe they are edifying reading for anyone though, because in spite of all the differences, Protestantism and Catholicism share so much in common, including the most important thing: Christ. Anyway, that’s my two cents. Thanks for reading, and let me know if you end up reading any and what you think! 🙂

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