Bushfires, Gender & Luther {7QTs}

— 1 —

Yesterday, New South Wales had one of the worst days for fires. One man has died, and hundreds of homes have been lost as hundreds of blazes burned to Sydney’s north, west, and south. It was so hot and dry, and even though it is only October, these are the worst fires in NSW for over a decade.

A large bush fire burns through bush near the Williamtown Airport near Newcastle causing it to shut .   RFS volunteers on Medowie rd attempting to save homes.   Pic John Grainger


A massive smoke cloud covered all of Sydney, turning the city an eerie orange.


9298694_600x400 (3)

Although we were completely safe, the fact that the smoke was so bad in the middle of city just made me even more aware of just how bad these fires must be. I went for a bit of a walk, and took this pic. (And no, there were no actual clouds that day – that’s smoke and no, there’s no filter either. It was freaky and awful.)


— 2 —

On that note, can you pray for our firefighters, for all those who have lost their homes, and that the fires would get under control as quickly as possible? Also, please pray for the soul of the man who died and for comfort for his family and friends.

The fires are still burning, very high temperatures are expected in the next few days, our premier said that it would be a miracle if no else died. He’s right.

— 3 —

The top post on the blog this week was I’m a Feminist Because I Love Patriarchy. I acknowledge this was a stretch for a lot of people and I can’t the feedback was wholly positive…

Did you hear that loud groaning sound? That was the sound of every self-respecting feminist turning over in her grave. And that brief pop? That was the law of non-contradiction exploding. Oops!

But for the moment at least, I stand by it.

Feminism challenges the abuses of men’s authority, whether in marriage or the parliament. It demands legal, social, and cultural rights for women because these rights should have been guaranteed anyway. Feminism is a stop-gap because those who should have been the strongest protectors of the dignity and well-being of women failed. On both an individual and societal level, men abused the sacred authority entrusted to them by Almighty God.

— 4 —

In case you missed the news, Carpe Veritatem has moved her fabulous blog to WordPress! And what a start it’s been! She wrote a fantastic post on Catholic Complementarianism in response to Rachel Held Evans, and so naturally Rachel re-tweeted it to all over her 30,000 followers and inundated poor Carpe. How great is that!!! 😀

My point is that, despite insistent claims that they simply follow the “clear teachings of the Bible,” complementarians themselves are not in total agreement on what those teachings are. And despite all these references to a patently obvious and consistent hermeneutic regarding biblical manhood and womanhood, complementarians have failed to produce it.” …

I thought it was interesting that one could pretty much replace ‘complementarian” with “Christian”, and one would have a pretty good summary of why Catholics take issue with Sola Scriptura.


— 5 —

All this is a bit heated, no? So here’s a picture of winter!


— 6 —

Finally, my Catholic credentials were put to the test at my old (Protestant) church’s Trivia Night. One round included Medieval (i.e. Catholic) History and thankfully, I managed to get the questions right. (I would never have been able to live it down if I hadn’t… Or heard the end of it, for that matter.)

There was only one question our team got wrong and it was “Which country was Martin Luther born in?” At the urging of a few members who shall remain nameless, our team put down “Austria.” I was sure this was wrong but I was overruled.

“No, he’s German but he was born in Austria!”

“Guys, you’re thinking of Hitler! I know, it’s an easy mistake to make…”

(If you need proof that Protestants have the forbearance of saints, I called Luther Hitler and still survived the night.) I feel like there’s a moral in all this… Maybe, don’t trust the mob?

— 7 —

Also, THIS needs to happen.



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5 responses to “Bushfires, Gender & Luther {7QTs}

  1. Wow, those fires look bad, even from here where we’ve seen our share. Prayers ascending.

    Did I tell you that I agree with you on Feminism? Cause I do.

    To be exactly correct he was born in the Holy Roman Empire (yes, I know, three lies for the price of one) but in the part that would become Germany not the part that would become Austria. No penalty, in my opinion, especially since you knew better. And yes, that does need to happen. 🙂

    • Thanks Neo! It seems to be easing off and there have need no more deaths so far so that’s a mercy. 😦

      Thanks too for the agreement! Haha, I love that remark of Voltaire’s (it was Voltaire, wasn’t it?) From memory, HRE would have also been accepted which you quite correct, is actually the right answer!

      • Good deal, hope it keeps up.

        I think so but I’m not sure either, it sure was apt though.

        HRE was certainly interesting, but might ramshackle.

  2. I like # 6, and I am wincing about the photos. An old friend of my husband’s lives in Sydney, and we visited there years ago. Those photos really are scary. Even scarier because I’ve been there. Prayers for all of you.

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