Follow Carpe Veritatem Now!!

The marvelous Monica has moved her blog Carpe Veritatem from Blogger to WordPress!

Of the move, she wrote:

I just like the way it works so much better.

Don’t we all, Monica… Don’t we all.

Monica is a a mathematician, theologian, guerrilla evangelist, cyclist, basketballer, lover of British comedy, eldest of six and (whatever she says to the contrary) an excellent blogger. She is also Catholic, a dear friend, and if anyone is single-handedly responsible for my return to the Catholic Church, it’s her. (She’s the one I write about here and here.) (She’s also Australian! Yay for Aussie Catholics!)

On Carpe Veritatem, Monica covers a wide range of topics and has some fantastic links. Some of my personal faves have been her posts on re-arranging all the mysteries of the Rosary, the errors of compartmentalisation in education, and a particularly comprehensive take-down of The Gospel’s Coalition article on the papacy.

So carpe diem and go follow Carpe Veritatem this very minute!

(Didn’t like the carpe pun? What about this one… We all need a CV so have you got your Carpe Veritatem?? Oh, I crack myself up sometimes…)

You can also follow Monica on Twitter! Which you totally should because she’s a much better tweeter than I am. #harshbuttrue #Iknowit #herjokesareactuallyfunny #loveheranyway


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