7 Quick Takes #1

— 1 —

This week, I have been in awe of Malala Yousafzai. What an incredibly young woman. Just awe. Nothing more.

This girl is going to win a Nobel Peace Prize and she thoroughly deserves.

— 2 —

My top post of the week, beyond any doubt, was I’m a Feminist Because I’m Not a Hypocrite.

I’m not prepared to jettison feminism simply because the feminist cri de guerre at the moment is that murdering babies in the womb is pro-woman. Just as feminism has changed over the years, I believe it can keep changing. And when Christians rubbish feminism or treat it like another F-word, all I hear is that they wish I didn’t have a chance to go to school, own property, vote or have a mind of my own. 

I am part of this feminist story and without feminism, my life would be drastically different. And by different, I mean worse.

— 3 —

Also, THIS.

— 4 —

My fave post this week was from Joseph at Lonely Pilgrim on Did Catholics Change the Ten Commandments? It’s a brilliant and clear look at a surprisingly interesting topic. Joseph even translated some St Augustine for us so we could hear it from the horse’s mouth. How great is that! 😀

Did Catholics change the Ten Commandments? The presentation of the Ten Commandments (or Decalogue) used by Catholics is in fact different from the one used by many Protestants. The “Catholic Ten Commandments” seems, very suspiciously, to omit the commandment that forbids the making of “graven images” — which, to the minds of anti-Catholics, seems to confirm their every accusation: “Catholics worship idols, and not only do they know it, but they changed the Ten Commandments so their gullible followers would never even know it was wrong!”

— 5 —

Check out this beautiful song from Louisa & Marilyn. It just gives me such hope to see such talent and passion for Our Lord!

And now we’re crying to You
This world is limiting who I am
Your beauty damaged by reckless hands
I see my fault in all of this
And now we’re crying to You
This world is holding me back from You
Come LORD and pull me into Your truth

— 6 —

I also loved this post from Faith & Theology on The Theologian’s Automobile: or, how to tell you are a Docetist. A great (and pretty hilarious) reminder that the Church exists and has authority to decree doctrine precisely because we need her to! Echoing similar thoughts from Chesterton and the grand adventure of Orthodoxy, Ben Myers writes:

It has often been observed that most of us incline instinctively to one or another form of heresy. It is why heresy is the most natural (and also the most individually satisfying) thing in the world, while orthodoxy takes effort and requires a whole community of individuals listening to one another and not only to their own inner voices.

For the record, I think I’m a natural Arian, which let’s be honest, makes a whole lot more sense than this craaaazy “Trinity” thing we’re got going on…

— 7 —

And on that heretical note,


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