Royal Baby Needs More Celebration… Seriously

How excited am I about the royal baby?

Very. Lots. Heaps. Lots and lots and lots. I mean, what’s not to love?? Babies, royalty, joy, new life, baptisms, celebrations and the line of succession secured for another generation! Some people think news about the royal baby is trivial. Why are we wasting time about all this silly stuff? Surely there are more important things than baby names or whether the princess accidentally let slip that it’s a girl?

In one sense, of course there are. There are socio-economic currents, and patterns of political instability; there’s climate change and fiscal cliffs and religious agendas. But if we worry about all these big things, it’s not because they have some inherent dignity that makes them worth noticing.

No, we worry about them because they affect people. Ordinary people doing ordinary things like getting born, falling in love, starting families and helping to raise a new generation. And yes, the royals aren’t exactly “ordinary” but how often do we celebrate the fact that babies being born is a good and marvelous thing?

Royal events – whether weddings and babies, cutting ribbons or visiting schools – remind us that good things happen every day. Babies are good! Marriage is good! Life is good! And if it takes a royal baby to remind us of that, then so be it! #prolife #babiesareawesome #dignity


It’s not so much that we place too much emphasis on a royal baby, it’s that we don’t place enough on all the equally precious (but non-royal) babies. If this world was fair, the miracle of birth would be on the front page every. single. day. Because hey, a completely unique, beautiful, and irreplaceable human being just came into the world!

Until the media (and our society) wakes up to the fact that every baby deserves a twenty-four canon salute, presents from the far reaches of the globe, and all the love, protection and care a nation can give, I’ll just have to be satisfied with royal babies.

Because you guys, you guys!! There’s a royal baby coming!!!


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