My Conversion Story in ONE Post!

7b45b964afda15831a25390ec23a181eI’ve finally done it! I managed to get the story of how I ended up in the Catholic Church into one post. You can find it here, or up clicking “My Conversion Story – NEW!” up in the header.

Thank you for everyone who read my somewhat rambling series of posts! Whether it was just a bit, or you’ve been faithfully following them all.

Truth be told, I found I had to write it all out like that so I could figure out for myself exactly what did happen, and why I thought what I did. So my apologies for the small Russian novel I’ve made y’all read, but it helped me a lot!

I hope you enjoy reading it, but more importantly, I pray that God will use it for His own good purposes to encourage, convict and, if need be, infuriate. I dedicate it to the Sacred Heart of my Saviour in the hope that it brings Him joy, because in that, is my greatest joy.


7 responses to “My Conversion Story in ONE Post!

  1. Sometimes it is only when we come to the end of writing we know what it was we were meant to say. Thank you so much for sharing this with us all – it is lovely to read. 🙂 x

  2. “….they are like little pictures of glory” and “did I have a reason not to be” Only 2 of the great lines/phrases in your conversion story. Thanks Laura. I like your new look.

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