Princess Madeleine of Sweden Gets Married!

Yesterday, the 8th June 2013, HRH Princess Madeleine of Sweden, the youngest daughter of the King of Sweden, married Christopher O’Neill, a New York banker in the Royal Palace Chapel in Stockholm.

Naturally, I stayed up to watch it because there’s not much I love more than a royal wedding. 

Madeleine’s dress is by Valentino, her tiara is personal property of the Royal Family (so not crown jewels), and the ribbon and medal around Mr O’Neill’s neck is the Order of the Polar Star, one of the more junior Royal Swedish orders of chivalry. He is not getting any titles (shame) and after the wedding, the couple will live in New York where they first met.


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They took the formal photo of the Royal Family and guests.


To be honest, it kind of looks like an Instagram filter… Well, some royals were genuinely posting pics on Instagram, like Crown Princess Marie Chantal of Greece (left), with two of her sisters-in-law, Princesses Theodora and Tatiana.


My favourite guest though was easily little Princess Estelle of Sweden, Madeleine’s niece and aged all of one-and-a-half. She was blowing kisses at the crowds, playing with mummy’s (i.e. Crown Princess Victoria’s) jewels, and even had her own miniature seat.


She is Sweden’s future queen and isn’t she just adorable in Swedish national costume!!!



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