60 Reasons I Love the Queen

I love the Queen. Like, I seriously love her. So far, I’ve narrowed it down to 60 reasons:

  1. She’s the only queen I’ve ever known.ca3d962ca934ade44e012b5822ec15c0
  2. She’s the only queen my parents have ever known.
  3. No one knows what’s in her handbag so she’s pretty much Mary Poppins.
  4. She got her training in statesmanship from Winston Churchill.
  5. She rocks the greatest hats.
  6. She still wears white gloves.
  7. Her grandson was lucky enough to marry Kate Middleton.
  8. She loves the Commonwealth, and puts up with the lot of us.
  9. Her hair looks like a giant diamond from a distance.
  10. She jumps out of aeroplanes.
  11. She’s the sexiest Bond girl ever.5fa1e480d5997771ced6d17fe2e80d6b
  12. Her dad is Colin Firth.
  13. She was a car mechanic in the war.
  14. She fell in love with her future husband at the age of 13.
  15. She became queen while sleeping in a tree house in Africa.
  16. She became queen when she was only 25.
  17. She has bagpipes played outside her window every morning. (Bagpipes!)
  18. She loves dogs.
  19. She loves horses.
  20. She likes some people.
  21. She’s put up with 13 different Prime Ministers.
  22. 19279dd9d17bba71d1a5618aaa1f41d3When a strange man once appeared in her bedroom, and she made small talk with him until the guards came.
  23. She gives better sermons in her Christmas message than many clergymen.
  24. She’s been everywhere, at least twice.
  25. She still prefers Balmoral.
  26. She has actually won a BAFTA.
  27. She hasn’t killed all the swans, even though she owns them all.
  28. She lets millions of people (even me!) into her home every summer.
  29. She’s got her own theme song.
  30. When Stability is looking for some pointers, he goes to the Queen.
  31. 85f942d798d002df986b4a2369d92df4When Duty needs a pick-me-up, he calls on the Queen.
  32. When Discretion is getting a bit obvious… well, I don’t know what happens then.
  33. She’s kept calm.
  34. She’s carried on.
  35. She’s a master of the understatement.
  36. She loves her family, even if they can be a bit crazy.
  37. No matter how famous, everyone’s nervous to meet the Queen.
  38. In 1947, she declared that “my whole life, whether it be long or short, shall be devoted to your service and the service of our great imperial family to which we all belong.”
  39. She’s kept that pledge.
  40. She has two crowns, three sceptres and more tiaras than I can keep track of. (Trust me, I’ve tried.)
  41. 32630073dd46f322ec65293f117e14f3She has a broach to match every shade of dress coat.
  42. She’s been married to a Greek sailor for 66 years.
  43. That sailor is Prince Philip. (Bonus points!)
  44. She can still look pleasantly surprised when she unveils a plaque.
  45. (But the Olympics are a bore, let’s be honest.)
  46. At 87, she is Britain’s oldest ever monarch.
  47. In two years, she will be Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.
  48. She’s seen more changes than anyone else.
  49. She’s unstoppable.
  50. She’s unflappable.
  51. 8b5905a3d2575389e7166da6692d367aSeriously, her sturdy skirts are weighted so they won’t fly up.
  52. In her reign, Britain has gone from presenting debutantes to evicting housemates.
  53. From the strictest censorship on all things royal to the News of the World.
  54. From listening to the wireless to complaining about how there’s no free wifi.
  55. And from an old upper-class, Conservative PM from Eton to a young upper-class, Conservative MP from Eton.
  56. She is Her Majesty Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the Commonwealth, Defender of the Faith.
  57. She is also the Duke of Lancaster, Duke of Normandy and the Lord of Mann.
  58. The UN Secretary General called her “an anchor for our age.”
  59. I call her Ma’am.
  60. And I love her because she’s my Queen.

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