Royals in Capes with Wands

Yesterday, William, Kate and Harry visited the Warner Bros studios where Harry Potter was filmed.

I always love seeing those three together but please tell me I wasn’t the only one who thought of this…

Royals Harry Potter

Admittedly, the royals seem to be enjoying themselves more but then, they’re not fighting either You Know Who or What The Heck Is Happening To My Hormones like they do in the Order of the Phoenix.

That and it’s slightly awkward that pretend-Ron is actually real-Harry and Hermione did marry the Chosen One, a.k.a pretend-Harry who isn’t real-Harry because that would be some gross incest.

In other news, Queen Beatrix abdicates this coming Tuesday when her eldest son Willem Alexander and his wife Maxima will become King and Queen of the Netherlands. So here’s a pic from Queen Beatrix’s inauguration 33 years earlier in 1980.


So excited!!!

And there’s something rather magical about royal robes, isn’t there? A few more “capes” because capes are cool, whether you are the Emperor of Iran…

0aa15caOr Austria-Hungary…

emperor_franz_i_of_austria_in_his_coronation_robes-largeOr of cuteness itself.



4 responses to “Royals in Capes with Wands

  1. Maybe I’m just old fashioned…..Hmmm, what ever happened to the Divine right of Kings? Give me rulers like Saint Edward the Confessor, who could heal the sick by the laying on of hands instead of celebs waving impotent wand sticks. (And a few nice real robes!)

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