An Important Announcement

Well, it has been one year since I left my old church and “officially” joined the Catholic Church. Except, that whole thing should be in “scare quotes” because none of it actually happened, well, it kind of did but not really.

This past year has actually been a carefully controlled experiment in mimicking religious conversion. It began as a crazy idea, inspired in part by the agnostic woman who pretended to be born again; and the straight, conservative Christian who pretended to come out as gay for a year. It has been done in conjunction with the Psychology Department and Religious Studies Department at a reputable university I am not (yet) at liberty to name. (We’re waiting on a judgment on whether it technically counts as an experiment in psychological immersion or a piece of performance art, which relates to how much funding I can still get for writing it up.)

Anywho, now I’m off to get my last monthly check up for Stockholm Syndrome and the anti-viral meds for ingesting the hallucinogenic properties of the Eucharist.

The things I do for the performative sciences.



17 responses to “An Important Announcement

  1. Um… there’s a big difference between a psychological experiment and a piece of performance art.

    April Fools!

  2. I agree J.P.
    Laura, sarcastic humoour is a fine line to tread;so I am not sure if you are still struggling with Catholicism (?) and your jest is you coming to terms with the life you have left behind; Encountering God in the Eucharist puts a challenge and demand upon us to respond with faithfulness and submission. But I do get the “joke”….

    • Well, given it was published on the First of April, I’d say the announcement. 🙂 I’m still very much Catholic, to the disappointment of many of my friends I’m afraid!

  3. Seems Jessica has nominated you for that award as well… Welp. Now you HAVE to accept it, cause I’m nominating you too.

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