The Spapacy Strikes Back

Remember how I said we need a holy, wise, charismatic Space Pope?

Well, call off the conclave guys, because I found him.

“I call as my witness Christ the Lord who will be my judge, that my vote is given to the one who before God I think should be elected.”

I vote Pope Yoda.

You know it would be great. Greatest, it would be.

Hmmm, Father, Son, and Holy Force, in the Name of. New Bishop of Rome, I am. Write best encyclicals, I shall. Love me from here to Tatooine, you shall.

Bless you, God will. Hmmm. 


Also, I found Obi Wan Kenobi.

Sure, it tough resurrecting him from a 70s hologram but I did it.

obi wan o'malley

I dunno know about you but this is all getting a bit spooky. Is this the beginning of the prophesied Space Papacy? The Spapacy?


What we do know is that when that Protodeacon gets out on that balcony and says “Habemus Papam”, it won’t just be one young Luke Skywalker shocked to discover he has a Father…

Church, we will have a Holy Father.


10 responses to “The Spapacy Strikes Back

  1. Awesome 🙂 although, if you hear Cardinal O’Malley, my bishop, give a homily, you realize he’s more Treebeard from Lord of the Rings than Obi Wan…

    • Aww! No objections from a Pope Treebeard from me! Though I am concerned some of the media might spin it as, what happened to the Entwives!? 😉

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