Carpe Veritatem!

Exciting news, one and all!

A little while back, I gave a blog award to someone who technically didn’t have a blog… then.

It was for my lovely friend Monica who played a major role in my conversion to the Catholic Church. She is passionate, articulate, and loves books, birds, bicycles, and the (Catholic) Bible. What’s not to love??

And now, thankfully, her only flaw – the lack of blog – has been remedied.

I give you Carpe Veritatem!

Now, my Latin is distinctly of the Pig variety but I’m assured that it means “seize the truth”. See the great (and silver-screened) reasons why she chose it.

Quid est veritas?

You should also definitely check out the brilliantly simple Why I receive Holy Communion kneeling and on the tongue and the brilliantly practical How Catholics can become more familiar with Scripture.

Monica also posts some fantastic links, and some very clear and persuasive essays from her studies in Theology.

You should follow her, RSS-reader her, and/or Facebook like her immediately.

NOW people!!



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