Holy Smoke! Pope Shock “Keine Kraft mehr” in Vatican Drama Bolt from the Blue!!!

The media and the Catholic Church have an interesting relationship, to say the very least.

I didn’t realise quite how complicated it is though, or just how much vitriol there is out there against the papacy and all things Catholic. 

Ah well, plenty of time in the next few weeks and months for every newspaper in the world to tell us exactly why we suck so much – and for we Catholics to return the favour by crying that we are oh so misunderstood.

In the meantime, I made a collage of headlines from Tuesday the twelfth s a.k.a The Inauguration Of The Catholic Media Frenzy.

Pope Resigns Front Pages

There are some pretty eye-catching pics, aren’t there!

My favourite headlines are VATICAN DRAMA from the Boston Herald and Keine Kraft mehr! from the German newspaper Bild. They’re so damn sinister! You can almost hear the “Law and Order”-like clunk…

Like the pope was over-thrown or resigning in disgrace, rather than freely and humbly laying down his Petrine ministry because, I dunno, he’s 85 years old?


You can see more (less interesting but probably more respectable ones) here.


9 responses to “Holy Smoke! Pope Shock “Keine Kraft mehr” in Vatican Drama Bolt from the Blue!!!

  1. *In absolute and utter dramatic fashion* That’s not even the worst of it! I’m having a hard time with all the reports that think this is an opportunity for the Church to abandon, everything she believes in so that she can “get with the times.” I’m almost afraid to mention to these writers that the next pope will undoubtedly be CATHOLIC!

    It’s been a rough week. It’s absolutely appropriate that the announcement was made just before Lent.

  2. I’mwith you and Rebecca on this. The media seems not to understand that the Pope is the interpreter of Catholic teaching, not its author. They are bound to be shocked when the next Pope is revealed to be a Catholic.

    What I find odd is that all the things the liberals want have been done by the Anglicans, and who’d want to be like them?

    • Yes, they’re treating it all too much like a political election with policy changes, rather than the Spirit-inspired election of the Servant of the Servants of God.

      It used to be a proverbial saying “Is the pope Catholic?” Now, it’s turned into a genuine question for some – and good reason to hate him if he is!

      But don’t be too harsh on Anglicans Jess. I happen to know at least one very lovely Anglican and the church would be a far, far better place if we were a little more like her. 🙂

      • That’s sweet of you Laura 🙂 x But there’s a serious point there. We’ve tried all the stuff that liberals claim will renew the church – and it hasn’t. It is just stuff they want to do for its own sake.

        • You’re absolutely right. And it’s as we should expect. If the church starts preaching what the world preaches, all the church is good for is some quaint traditions or another community group, like rotary or whatnot. And who’d bother turning up for that? I know I wouldn’t. Either this is for real and real sacrifice and obedience is needed, or, as Flannery might put it, to hell with it all.

          • Quite right Laura. I sometimes think that there is an older generation of priests who can’t quite believe that some of us come to Church because we believe that Christ is the Son of God and He rose from the dead.

    • As usual I’m in agreement as well, although I would substitute Lutheran for Anglican, which hardly matters since in this country they are in full communion anyway.

      But, like Jess’s Anglicanism, there are other parts of Lutheranism which are far more geared toward a proper Christianity

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