Contraception and the Catholic Convert {Guest Post}

I’ve written my very first guest post! And for a blog I love too, The Back of the World.

Its Master In Commander, Ryan, is a fellow-Catholic, fellow-former-Calvinist, fellow-Chesterton-devotee, fellow-lover of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, and and all-round Good Fellow.

He’s also just a had a beautiful baby girl, Máire (pronounced My-ra). So naturally, I had to mark the occasion by writing about contraception because that’s an appropriate way to celebrate a new birth, right?

Contraception and the Catholic Convert

Since I wasn’t about to have sex, why bother even thinking about contraception?

Then I became Catholic.

And I kid you not, my first thought was “Oh my goodness, I’m going to have a gazillion kids… I WILL HAVE NO LIFE.

And if you haven’t followed The Back of the World, shame on you. Repent and follow this very minute.


2 responses to “Contraception and the Catholic Convert {Guest Post}

  1. 6 and 7 are just great advice in general, Jesus is still your God and sheperd, and, 6, “Keep asking questions. This is a big change of perspective for you, me-from-a-year-ago. You’re not going to figure it out overnight, or in a month and even when you sound like you have it together a year from now, you totally won’t. That’s ok, take it slow, and be comfortable with being uncomfortable…”

    People need to know that! 🙂

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