Happy Halfversary!

Well, 2012 is over and that means that I’ve been blogging for a grand total of six whole months!

Happy Halfversary to me!

I began this blog very scared and very unsure. I only knew that I had more to get off my chest than any sane person would want to listen to, and so the solution was obvious: blog.

And thanks to the warmth, encouragement and indulgence of my friends and new-found blog friends, I’ve managed to do it. I heard other people say the best thing about blogging is the community. They’re right.

And the second best thing about blogging is writing top ten lists. So without anymore ramblings from me, the top ten posts on this blog were, in descending order:

  1. On Love and Hell (My Conversion to the Catholic Church, pt I), where I freak everyone out a bit with my intensity.
  2. Jesus or White Bread, where I compare Protestantism to Wonder White.
  3. A Problem, A New Perspective and A Girl in Pyjamas (My Conversion to the Catholic Church, pt III), where I start a debate about good works.
  4. Yes and No but Maybe or Yes but No (My Conversion to the Catholic Church, pt II), where I get a little confused…
  5. Falling in Love with the Sacred Heart, where I talk about a new-found love in an old book.
  6. I Kissed a Relic and Liked It, where I pretend I’m Katy Perry/Padre Pio (because those two would totally hang out)
  7. What about the Thief on the Cross?, where I continue a debate about good works.
  8. St Bartholomew’s Day & 10 Things I Love About Protestants, where I love my brothers and sisters.
  9. 10 Reasons Why Good Christian Girls Love Jane Austen, where I love Jane Austen for all the wrong reasons.
  10. Catholics and Baby Food, where I rant against apathy. Again.

(On a side note, I think every post I wrote with the word ‘love’ in the title is in this top ten list. Interesting.)

The top ten searches that led people to this poor little blog were:

  1. holy communion
  2. prayers
  3. praying
  4. catholic cravings
  5. praying to god
  6. people praying
  7. holy eucharist
  8. communion bread
  9. pray
  10. eucharist bread

Hmmm, I’m picking up a theme here…

But far more interesting is the crazy things people searched and still managed to find their way here. Shall we take a peek?

“catholic cravings they were being dicks about it” This worries me, this was searched three separate times. Who does that? But it’s good to know that my most risqué phrase on this whole blog was also the most searched… I think.

“the whole world is going to hell” Really? Really? In the metaphorical sense, the colloquial sense, the hellfire-and-brimstone-double-predestination sense or is this some crazy, reactionary Westboro Baptist thing? And besides, how are we all going to fit in a handbasket? We need to think this through, people!

“франсуа дюбуа варфоломеевская ночь” Anyone read Russian?

“الروح القدس” Or Arabic?

“severus snape roman catholicism” Ah yes, the latest form of Catholicism: Severus Snape Catholicism, where everyone looks like a bat, concocts potions in Black Masses and worst of all, has a Latin name. St Severus, pray for us. (No, there really is a St Severus. Great guy too!)

“moses leave egypt” Good advice.

“viking berserker” To my knowledge, I have never written about vikings or berkserks; that was a grave oversight on my part and happily, has now been remedied. You’re welcome.


“is dara o’brian catholic” I can answer that: NO. Though, depending on how you define “Catholic”, he could well be…

“medievalists crazy” True dat.

“cheap catholic reliquaries” Because what have the saints ever done for us??

“any catholic latin masses on cape cod” Sorry, no idea. I’m on the other side of the world.

“i love him but i couldn’t convert” Oh, this one breaks my heart. I have no idea who is involved or which way the converting might go but that is a hard, hard situation. I’m praying for you, whoever you are!

“st. james bartolomé esteban murillo potatoes” Yes, someone searched St James, a renaissance painter and then… potatoes. I blame the Irish. As usual.

“cyclone insurance” Pity the poor person who needed cyclone insurance and ended up here…

And finally,

“st veronica tattoo” It was St Veronica who wiped the face of Jesus which was then miraculous imprinted onto a cloth which was revered in the Middle Ages as the Veil of Veronica (the name Veronica means Vera, true, Eikon, image or icon) and now someone wants to ink her onto his/her skin. That’s some nerdy Catholic irony for you!

Happy New Year everyone!

Guido Reni, St Veronica, c. 1638 (Pushkin Museum, St Petersburg)

Guido Reni, St Veronica, c. 1638 (Pushkin Museum, St Petersburg)


10 responses to “Happy Halfversary!

    • I know, I often wonder what goes through some people’s minds… but then I remember that I called Catholicism the Severus Snape of religions and so I think that everyone else must be wondering what goes on in my mind! 😉

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