Thank you!

A humongous thankyou to Seeking Pemberley for the Reader Appreciation Award!

I have loved reading this Canadian’s blog, whether she is asking if Big Families Are More Environmentally Friendly or if We Need to Pray For Catholic Marriages. Plus, she has a blog name I wish I’d thought of!

Ah, Pemberley!

The rules of this award dictate that I:

  • Add a picture of the award to my blog. (I don’t actually know how to do this without cutting off half the image…)
  • Link to the blogger(s) who nominated me. (See above!)
  • Nominate other bloggers for the award.
  • Say 7 things about myself.

Those clear instructions aside, I don’t actually know if the award is for someone who you appreciate as a reader or someone whose blog you appreciate reading.

Never mind because Daniel Nour brilliantly fits both categories. You should go read his blog. NOW.

Daniel and I know each other from non-blogging-world (sometimes called the “real” world). We were on mission together in Canberra; it was my last Evangelical huzzah. He’s pretty amazing and he loves God, food, reality, Pop Tarts and existential angst!

He blogs from a Protestant/Catholic/Coptic perspective and I may be slightly jealous that he now seems so much cooler than me…

Have you clicked yet? Because I’m not continuing until you do. So off you go, clicky-click.


Ok, now we can get back to me. Phew! So here are Seven Things About Me:

  1. I have a dog, a Border Collie called Murphy. He’s named after the stout from Cork.
  2. Just then, I tried to write dog three times and each time I wrote god. I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not…
  3. I sincerely believe will be the death of me; or at least send me into bankruptcy.
  4. I wish Sydney was colder in Winter so I could wear gloves.
  5. I love ravioli and wontons and pasta and dim sims and anything seriously starchy. (Except potatoes.)
  6. If I could, I’d set a strict quota on beige and all other “tasteful neutrals.” (I was going to say “outlaw”… but I am benevolent tyrant.)
  7. Oh, and my mum says I’m awesome. Can’t argue with that!

Can I add an eighth? This morning, I reached 2,000 views!!


More sunflowers!


13 responses to “Thank you!

  1. Laura, congratulations! Daniel Nour’s blog is a great choice – I remember coming home one day last week and he had posted a video of Eucharistic Adoration. So, I’ll ignore the part about how he likes Pop Tarts 😉

    • Thank you! Yes, his blog is wonderful. I saw your comment on that video and was just amazed – you are everywhere! 😀 (in the best way possible!)

      Haha, and about the Pop Tarts… I don’t actually know if he loves or even likes them. He just had a post about the influence of American culture on your average Aussie kid in the 90s (so true!) and it mentioned Pop Tarts, the most quintessentially and thus exotically American food there is.

      Hope you enjoy reading more!

  2. Laura- you’ve connected me to this new, rich community and your blog has truly given me a platform for a more purposeful pursuit of truth in church- it has stretched me and help breathe new life into my spiritual life. Thanks for the nomination and thanks for so much more.

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