“The human family… is an icon of the Trinity”

Bartolomé Esteban Murillo, The Two Trinites, 1675 – 1682, The National Gallery, London

“God created man in His own image. But God is three in one; and just as the Son issues from the Father, and the Holy Spirit from the Father and the Son, so, too, the woman emanated from the man and posterity from them both.”

– Edith Stein, Essays on Woman, Collected Works, trans. Freda Mary Oben (Washington: ICS Publications, 1996)

“The first witnesses of Christ’s birth, the shepherds, found themselves not only before the Infant Jesus but also a small family: mother, father and newborn son. God had chosen to reveal himself by being born into a human family and the human family thus became an icon of God! God is the Trinity, he is a communion of love; so is the family despite all the differences that exist between the Mystery of God and his human creature, an expression that reflects the unfathomable Mystery of God as Love. In marriage the man and the woman, created in God’s image, become “one flesh” (Gen 2: 24), that is a communion of love that generates new life. The human family, in a certain sense, is an icon of the Trinity because of its interpersonal love and the fruitfulness of this love.”

– Pope Benedict XVI, Angelus Address on 27th December 2009 (Feast of the Holy Family)


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