Success, Scones and a little Self-pity

You never know when God is going to come out of nowhere and BAM!

You just got served an important lesson in personal holiness.

It was Saturday afternoon. I was idly reading blogs, sinking deeper and deeper into the little self-pity party I’ve been throwing all week. But it’s totally not my fault. I mean, come on, lay off! It’s a Saturday, I’m single, I’m in my slippers, I’m grumpy and tired and it’s not my fault I suck at everything. Wah wah wah.

And then… BAM!

This appeared on my screen and changed my whole day. It was from a lovely blog I just discovered To Have Her Heart:

“Quit trying to be successful and be faithful.”


Turns out it’s from her parish priest, who was apparently paraphrasing Bl Mother Teresa. Read it here.

I’m the sort who values big commitments and big results. I like big once-for-all decisions. Like deciding to become Catholic after years of fervent Evangelical Protestantism? Easy. Deciding to put away my self-pity, even for an afternoon? So much harder.

I’m always running after success, even if it godly, looks-good-on-your-christian-resume success. I like success. But no – I’m not called to be successful but – BAM! – faithful.

So instead of partying on – self-pity style – I got up, off my laptop and decided to make scones. See proof!

I don’t think the scones were very successful. I overcooked them and I didn’t have any cream. But I made them and it was fun.


Take that self-pity!


7 responses to “Success, Scones and a little Self-pity

  1. Yay! Scones are good, so are cookies – whenever I feel I am getting into the self-pity mode I go and bake – then give the results away to stop myself becoming a very large lady! (Well, OK, I obviously have to try some, don’t I?) Good blog links too – so thank you, and enjoy the day that the Lord has made 🙂

    • Thanks Joseph! I’m sorry to hear this week has been a tough one. Some weeks are just like that, aren’t they? Hope this one coming is a much better one!

      I’d offer you a scone but… you’re on the other side of the world and they kind of stale now. 🙂

      God bless and keep you.

  2. I know the feeling as well. It’s easy to get trapped into thinking we have to accomplish large, rare, important things, but it’s the small, everyday battles that are more decisive.

    • So true. Because even if someday we do have a great, important decision to make, we’ll make it well because we have made the little decisions well. They form our character in a way that a single, great heroic action never can.

      Which makes me remember why it was so important that the Son of God live – and not just die. He too had a learn obedience. A staggering thought!

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