GMH v JHN: Who wears it best?

For those of you who don’t religiously read every comment on this blog, Circle Citadel is a boss.

He took my mustard seed of faith – faith that Gerard Manley Hopkins would one day wear sunglasses – and made it grow.

Check it.

Sir, I salute you, I applaud and extol you, I make my addresses to your mother and if my chaperon wasn’t watching, I would drop my embroidered hanky in your path.

It’s pretty great.

But in the spirit of petty one-upmanship, I must give you the biggest, deepest boss in 19th Century English Catholicism: Blessed John Henry Newman.

So Gerard Manley Hopkins or John Henry Newman, who wears them best?


2 responses to “GMH v JHN: Who wears it best?

  1. I dunno… GMH was first but that’s like JHN, he takes a while to catch on. Everyone converting around him and because of him and he’s still like, No! I’m an Anglican… and then he folds.

    Plus, as much as I hate to admit it, I prefer them on GMH. He would have totally worn those EXACT type 😉

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