Immature Glee at Getting A Blog Award!

As a brand-new baby Catholic, who just started by my first full-time job and my first proper blog (it rhymes!),

I can be a little immature…

So, without any compunction, I need to announce that I have received four blog awards in about as many hours.

The Very Inspiring Blogger Award

The Commentator Blog Award

Thank you to 8 Kids And A Business and The Lonely Pilgrim for nominating me, for posting such supportive comments, and making me feel a little less weird. I love your blogs!!! (See, such immature use of exclamation marks. Tut tut.)

According to the rules, I have to link back to the nominating blogger, share seven things about myself, and then recommend a few other blogs to accept the awards as well.

First up, Seven Things You Are Dying To Know About Me…

  1. If I wasn’t a Christian, I’d be a Communist or a Muslim.
  2. I’ve had the same breakfast every day since I was ten.
  3. When I grow up, I want to be an academic or a princess (as long as I get an ivory tower…)
  4. I majored in Medieval History and now I work for a Major.
  5. I love dancing to Beyoncé in the dark.
  6. I can name every English monarch from William the Conqueror – without a mnemonic
  7. I’d do anything for my family. Anything.


Secondly, And A Few Blogs I’ve Fallen In Love With…

(I think you have all received this same award but when you’ve been blogging for only 10 days, you have to play it safe with quality.  And you’re it! But if you want to share another Seven Things about yourselves, I’d be thrilled.)


And just because it’s Friday the 13th…


15 responses to “Immature Glee at Getting A Blog Award!

    • Also, you know, I’m half a medievalist, too. One of my undergraduate mentors was a medievalist, who made a history major of me, taught me Latin and taught me about the Church, and probably contributed more than any other single living person to my becoming Catholic. He lives in a castle. 🙂

      • Yay for fellow medievalists! Best period ever. Closely followed by the 19th Century when they had the Medieval Revival and got all romantic about the Middle Ages (not that I would ever do that!)

        I’m so glad your undergrad medievalist brought you closer to the Church. I think Medieval History makes it impossible to believe that the Church, even at it’s most distasteful to Protestants, was anything less than Christian. For me, it was reading St Bernard (who you also mentioned!). 🙂

      • You might also like Kristen (Nerd in Deutschland), who is a medievalist and a convert and one of my first Catholic friends, who was influential to me years before I ever thought of becoming Catholic (though I’ve never met her in person). She’s spending a year in Germany as an au pair and nerding it up in old churches whenever she can. 🙂

        And ooh, yes, St. Bernard. I love On Loving God. On the Steps of Pride and Humility, too. He showed me that there such depth of faith and love and devotion in the Church. I was always drawn to my heroes of the faith — I just bought into the Protestant thinking that those days were gone, that the Church was corrupt and bound up in accretions of dead tradition. It only took being in Mass for a week or two to dispel that myth.

        And yes, a castle! Not a real castle — this is rural Alabama, in an area first settled in the 1830s — but a reasonable facsimile. He started building it piece by piece when he came here and it’s really a beautiful place. It has a couple of towers and a great hall and a gatehouse with a portcullis. I’ll show you some pictures:

        This view shows the outside, one of the towers:

        (That gallery has a few more shots)

        This is the Great Hall, decked out for our Convivium one year:

        (That gallery has a lot of other shots, too — The large group pictures and the ones in front of the fireplace are made in the Great Hall, too)

        He likes to have gatherings there. He says he built it for that purpose. He’s not married and lives alone. Oh, and for all the glorious tales he shared of the heroes of the Church, he had heroic tales of the Reformers, too! He’s the son of a long line of Lutheran ministers.

    • Sorry, I was just about to track you down and share! Yes, you should feel very cool. I hope you’ll continue it on and share 7 things about yourself and a few blogs you’d like to award. I know I’ll be checking them out!

      And I’ve really enjoyed your blog! It’s so interesting and half of it I don’t really understand but they’re the best ones! 🙂

      The only problem is that now I have this craving to see Gerald Manley Hopkins in sunglasses. Then he’d be the coolest kid on the block. Photoshop? Please??

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