America and I share our birthdays. Again.

Apparently, yesterday was a bit of a big deal in America.

I’m pretty sure it’s called the Memorial of the Ignominious Insurrection Against All Proper Authority (for those of us still obediently subject to Her Britannic Majesty…) or something like that. But I don’t like to quibble about these things.

Because far more importantly, it was my birthday! Yes, I was born on the 4th July. And today, I am burrowing into my birthday haul:

Yep, I’d be jealous too. The only – and obvious – problem is WHERE DO I START?!


5 responses to “America and I share our birthdays. Again.

  1. Jaroslav Pelikan – very nice. What a brilliant writer of history…. You simply must go through his Magnum Opus, the History of the Development of Doctrine!

    • Hey Mark, thanks for stopping by and commenting! It means a lot to me. 🙂

      I couldn’t agree more! I got the two “through the Centuries” – single volume, hard cover – for only $20. I was pretty thrilled! I’m also pretty excited about Edith Stein on women and the Essential Benedict XVI. (Have you read much Pope Benedict? I think you’d love him!)

      I’m definitely planning on getting all the vols of Christian Tradition. (Eventually!) I completely fell in love with him in third year. He – and ‘Growth of Medieval Theology’ – were my go-to for pretty much every essay I wrote. If an Anglican sermon isn’t complete with a C.S. Lewis quote, a Laura essay definitely wasn’t without a Pelikan one. :p

      And since you’re here, can I be very rude and ask what the main reasons you aren’t Catholic are? What do you think is the biggest block? Or what’s the one thing that, if it was different, you’d be all “Ok, yeah, I could be Catholic.” (I’m writing my “conversion” story at the moment so I’m thinking about all these things! And I promise I will be reply to your email soon!)

      Thanks again, brother, and God bless 🙂

  2. Hey Laura,

    Just realised your replied now – sorry about the delay!

    In short – the main reason I’m not a Roman Catholic is because I believe the Bible teaches justification by faith alone. I believe that Scripture clearly teaches that all my righteous acts are imperfect and thus justification requires Christ’s royal robes of righteousness to cover me. I can’t believe that the Bible teaches what Rome teaches concerning this salvation-critical issue.

    To be honest though, if I was looking for a church consensus to augment my interpretation of Scripture, I wouldn’t convert to Rome. I’d convert to the Orthodox church. That’s why Jaroslav Pelikan went from Lutheranism to Orthodoxy, rather than Rome. If John Henry Newman had read beyond Gibbon’s history, his method would have led him to the Orthodox Church also. So, again in short, the Orthodox position on doctrinal development is much more internally coherent than Rome’s, and thus I’d pick the Orthodox over Rome.

    Wow – I sound so negative! Ha. Please hear all the above as thoughtful disagreement, rather than dismissive comments. I love tradition, and I love the church, and I’d love nothing more for a reunification of the world-wide church. After all, every Protestant must answer the question – why have you left the Roman church? And likewise, every Orthodox or Roman believe must ask, why are you not reconciled? I’d love to be reconciled – but not at the expense of the authority of Scripture.

    Oh, and Laura – we ought to meet up sometime! I’d love to grab those books back off you, and more importantly, I’d love to catch up!


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